Horse Therapy

Horse Treadmills

If you are looking for a treadmill, you have come to the right place. Our state of the art German engineered technic is the perfect choice for you and your horse. Due to the Forest Floor Technology, we give your horse all the comfort it needs, without putting extra strains on its joints.  With the extensive range of extras that are available, you can get the results that you want and need, either as a professional or as a hobby rider.

Build the strength and stamina of your horse and give it the exercise that it needs to stay fit and healthy.

The advantages of such treadmills against a walker are obvious. Firstly they only need a very small amount of space to be installed. This is due to the fact that the waste gets sent to the back of the band and can be collected without having to walk around the internals of a walker.

With an incline or aqua bath, the horses input can be controlled and not just the speed as is th case with a walker.

No more moving of mats and replacing them.

The Treadmill can be controlled over and online module.

What is the Forest floor technology?

The dynamic Forest Floor technology

Scientific research has shown that the base plates commonly used in horse treadmills have an effect similar to that of trotting on concrete and thus adversely affect the joints (Dahlkamp Dissertation WS03). Our innovative Forest Floor technology, however, uses a large, cushioned treadmill surface that create the eponymous Forest Floor effect..

The optional slope function, the 'hill setting', promotes the development of the hind quarters as the horse has to adjust its centre of gravity. By means of a special spindle and lift system the slope function can be activated at the touch of a button with no need for hydraulic fluid.

This ingenious and robust technology greatly relieves the strain on the horse's joints and is therefore the ideal solution for safe exercise.


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Horse Hydrotherapy Tank

The Aquatrainer, also known as the underwater treadmill, has been invented to improve the physical capacities or to support the convalescence after injuries of the musculoskeletal system. The uncompromised steel structure prevents corrosion and guarantees a long standing time. The “Sascotec Platinum Long-life Guarantee” (for more information please look at the AGB) guarantees a long product life time. We set highest priority on a horse friendly construction of the "Sascotec Aquatrainer".

Horse Solarium

The best solariums on the market

Once again, you will find a range of fantastic products to give you the complete packet for your equestrian life.

Our solariums are German engineered from the finest materials and can be installed from us or yourselves as you wish.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Relaxes muscle tissue
  • Enhances general well-being
  • Increases fertility
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Facilitates the healing process
  • Increased appetite

Well being for your horse

The solarium has a range of benefits for your training routine as well as for the horse. Firstly, the solarium simplifies daily equine training and routines, and secondly its regular usage has significant positive effects on the horse's health and wellness. The solarium is made of long-lasting stainless steel and sports sixteen UV lamps in the basic configuration. Additional lighting units can be installed on the sites to ensure maximum light exposure. The solarium is commonly used by riders to dry the horse after intense work outs, with the aim of preventing a common cold as well as pamper their training partner with a relaxing light therapy. The warmth facilitates the breakdown of lactic acid in the muscles. By treating your horse to regular solarium sessions, you can greatly increase the overall health and wellbeing of your horse. Our solariums are inspired by the sun, a source of warmth and energy. The positive effects of UV lighting are indisputable: sunlight regenerates the skin, speeds up the metabolism, and reduces muscle tensions and cramps.

Our solariums were designed specifically with horses in mind. The right choice of light source determines the success of daily light therapy. To simulate natural sunlight, we combine infrared with ultraviolet lights for maximum effect. The energy of infrared lighting directly penetrates into the deep muscle tissue and delivers beneficial effects across the whole body. In winter months and during long periods of indoor rest, such light therapy is essential. A short twenty minute session replaces the outdoor time during the darker months. 

Our solariums are made entirely of stainless steel, with no chance of corrosion. Rustproof steel also has a useful antiseptic and antibacterial effect which means mould and bacteria have no chance of surviving.