Arena Building

Let us surprise you with our value for money

The construction of all-weather riding arenas with surfaces optimised for equestrian sports requires experience and expertise.

With our long year experience, together with our qualification and knowledge in the construction industry, we can offer you both of these qualities.

Due to our very small company size, we are able to offer you both the knowledge, but also an economically satisfying solution for your requirements. We have already delighted customers, by being able to provide super value for money arenas at very competitive prices.

We build with state-of-the–art equipment an arena that works for you.

The materials we use for our footing can be chosen by yourselves to fit your needs and financial means.

Our arenas can be used immediately and not like many rubber arenas that need to settle over many months.

The use of additives for the enhancement of your arena is also one of the topics that we could discuss with you.

We work together with a German company who has built with our help, arenas all over the world.

The build-up of our arenas is generally as follows


The operation

The removal the topsoil and to create a level area with a gradient of 1 - 1.5%. The drainage and irrigation systems designed for the local drainage characteristics and requirements is the next step. The base layer consists of quality controlled materials such as frost resistant gravel, mineral aggregates installed, with the aid of a laser grader, to an even depth of 15 - 25cm. 

The separating layer is then put in. Depending on the precise requirements and desired standard, this may consist either of a mineral substance, such as brick sand or pumice stone, or – for optimised vertical drainage – our special perforated drainage matting.   

Due to its structural properties (web structure in combination with bearing feet), our perforated drainage matting also supports horizontal drainage directly below the matting layer.

Next, we install a peripheral edging structure made, for example, of bound and chamfered, durable larch timber planking, expertly secured to the subsoil with construction pegs. This edging structure provides erosion protection for the footing layer whilst simultaneously delineating the riding arena from a visual perspective. 

Finally, the footing is installed on top of the separation layer to the required depth of c. 8 - 10cm, again with the aid of a laser level. 


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