About Us

Our story

Royal Rubber is no newcomer to the market. We have years of experience on international projects, in the equestrian area and sport areas. We have had many years of success in many countries, but over the last years we have concentrated our recourses in the UAE. Now with our sights set on the English market, we wish to offer you a complete service from planning through to the decoration of your equestrian dreams, with the best products available on the market.

We have developed two fantastic products ourselves. 

Our poured rubber flooring with its superior system is capable of holding all of the heavy everday usage that you throw at it and can have up to a 10 year warranty with our top systems.

Our suction drainage arens, allows excess water to be drained off underground to allow for dry conditions, even in the worse rain conditions. The reverse effect of our system, allows the sand to stay moist, and keep its very best properties, even in long dry periods.


Our history

We developed our trade in Germany (27 years of experience) then went to the UAE and worked in big establishments and for royal families.

Why we're unique

We are the only company doing this specialist flooring in the UK. We are constantly developing new and improved floors and reducing the cost of the installation for our customers, as well as a warranty extension.

Flooring can withstand temperatures over 50 degrees

Used extensively and can endure heave usage

A quality product delivered with care for you

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